How We Help for a Happy New Year

Editor’s Corner: How We Help for a Happy New Year

By John O’Brien, Jr. @Jobjr

Happy New Year! We end our 16th year and spread our wings wide for a 2023 that recovers a semblance of mind, body and spirit. The iIrish expansion plans have been on hold for too long, and, God-willing, Buffalo and Detroit will come under our banner soon. We continue to search for a new home for iIrish’s expansion and welcomed our 30th staff member into the fold!

If you haven’t tried advertising with us, you are only holding yourself back.  Our time-tested mission and purpose: there are extensive Irish communities from Cleveland to Clearwater who do amazing things, that no one is talking about. This same lack of appreciation and recognition is what started iIrish in the Greater Cleveland area. Our purpose is to show that work to our readers in Irish America, Ireland, and abroad, hand in hand with those creating those moments that last.

Our Network – We have powerful audiences to offer you – in print and our other platforms of course, but also in our connections, our reputation and again, results.

How We Help:

  1. Our knowledge – from sixteen years of meeting the needs of business owners like you, and in thirty-six years in making magic happen, like we do at Cleveland Irish Fest. We spend hours every day helping people solve the problem they have. This is what we do. From Print to festivals to books to involvement in a myriad of cultural organizations, we give back and strive to make our world a better place to live, work and play.
  2. Our experience – with this industry – Sixteen years growing and expanding when most have reduced or dissolved. We put that into practice every day. Our experience and our reputation reassure you, and result in … results.
  3. People don’t buy things; they buy what things do. We try to trade each day for tangible results that make the world better. Our staff of thirty columnists, web, social media and layout experts and Sales Relationship Managers are our lifeblood, and our brand ambassadors.
    That is not just part of our mission, it is part of our legacy – the McGarry Plan, supporting student’s lessons in dance, music, and the Irish language, supporting fundraisers financially and with outreach assistance; iIrish allows us to help others that may not be able to help themselves.

We speak for our readers, not at them.  We actively support and sponsor Gaelic culture, sports, language, music, and dance throughout our community; to date iIrish has donated more than $375,000 to local and national non-profits since our 2006 inception. We are not paid to be at these events. We are here because we care about humans and want to help.

John F. Kennedy said that conformity is the jailer of freedom, the enemy of success.

Think outside the box. We are Different. What’s in it for You the advertiser?
Irish offers advertisers multi-platform access to our audiences of every age in an engaging way, and offers readers access to entertainment, products, business and educational opportunities, and experiences, in the format that they have specifically requested.

We preserve, present, and promote our rich Irish heritage; we provide access, understanding, artists and so much more to both our advertising partners, and our readers. We are preserving your presence, your story, and your impact, for the ages to come.

There is so much more inside. Call us to advertise, call us to support our work, and yours. iIrish is made in America. We have always been green and are proudly Irish, all year long.

Nuair a stapann an ceol, an damhsa déanann an amhlaidh
(When the music stops, so does the dance)


John O’Brien, Jr.

iIrish newsmagazine
[email protected]

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iIrish has donated more than $375,000 to local and national charities since our 2006 inception.
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