From Clew bay to Cleveland, a call to the Golden Clan

When Patrick and Margaret (Gibbons) Golden married in 1872 at St. Bredan’s Church, a parish serving the islands of Clew Bay, they could not know that they would send 11 of their 13 children to the enrich the shores of Cleveland. Patrick and Margaret’s children are now Moran’s, McIntyre’s, Gill’s, Boyle’s, Kilbane’s, Lee’s, Malloy’s, Stanton’s, Holden’s, Gavin’s (to name a few) and number in the hundreds in our Greater Cleveland community.

They came from Inishgowla, one of three hundred sixty-five islands (one for each day of the year) which are found in beautiful Clew Bay, once part of pirate Queen Grace O’Malley’s kingdom. A small island comprised of 25 to 30 acres, near Westport, County Mayo and under the spell of the visually stunning Croagh Patrick, Ireland’s Holy Mountain. The island was home to several Cleveland families, the Gills, Stanton’s as well as the Golden’s.

Brendan Lee, son of Tommy and Tessie (McConnell) and great-great grandson of Patrick and Margaret Golden was inspired by his visits to his Golden cousins in Westport to pull together a reunion of those descendants. A reunion was held in June, 2015 at CastleCourt Hotel in Westport and celebrated with great music, liturgy, visits to Inishgowla, and climbing of the Holy Mountain. All agreed to meet in 2018 in Cleveland, the adopted home of much of the Golden diaspora.

July 1st, 2018 will kick off a week of activities, starting Sunday, July 1st with Mass at 12 Noon at the West Side Irish American Pavilion, followed by a bring-your-own-picnic till 6PM. Monday will see a bus tour of sites in Cleveland with Golden connections, Tuesday morning will see a family golf outing at Bob-O-Links, Wednesday the Goldens will march together in the Kamm’s Corner Independence Day parade and conclude Thursday evening with a formal dinner and music at the Ahern Party Center (former IHC) on Avon-Belden Rd. (RT 83).

So if you are family (or friends) to Mary (McIntryre), John, Nora (Gavin), Patrick, Bridget (Sr. Winifred, CSC), James, Eddie, Catherine (Garland/Lee), Willie (Moran), Michael, Anna (Gill) or Austin (Boyle, Kilbane) Golden, Please join the gathering for great craic or send on your pictures and stories.

For more information please check facebook: thegoldenclan or send email to: [email protected].

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