Editor’s Corner: The Road Less Travelled, for Now

Editor’s Corner: A Road Less Travelled, for Now

Hello all of Ohio, and Pittsburgh too!  This is our first issue to be delivered en masse in Pittsburgh.  Detroit, Buffalo, Newport/Covington/Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Nashville … who’s next?

iIrish is the only Irish paper in the United States that serves the Irish public beyond city or even state borders. From Cleveland to Clearwater, I see how underserved this corridor is; I won’t just lament the fact; I aim to change the facts. And so it begins …

We will add Irish communities within these states as they develop.  By people of action, we have been invited to a few, selected a few, and are open to wherever the road less traveled takes us.  If you would like to help, my email is [email protected].


Next month we welcome two new columnists from the Pittsburgh area – the legendary Diane Byrnes, with her Pittsburgh Happenings column, and Irish native and teacher Marie Young, whose students will offer perspectives on the issues that matter to them, in Irish and in English.

There is much more within, the usual mix of news, events, history and history being made, sports, reviews, food and the movers, shakers and music makers, plus activities for the kids too.

Nuair a stadann an ceol, stadann an rince
(When the music stops, so does the dance)


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