Editor’s Corner: Half-Way There

Editor’s Corner: Half-Way There
by John O’Brien, Jr.

It’s only 6 months to St. Patrick’s Day ~ I’m kidding, sort of. Honestly, there have been so many events, music, dance and gatherings this summer, I probably only hit 25% of the ½ Way to St. Pat’s Party’s.  New ones crop up every year, but a few of those with staying power are based in authenticity and are can’t miss events as we move to cold and rain ~ winter is coming.

Did you know Hallowe’en has its roots right out of Ireland? I won’t spoil it here but read within and see how such a little country has had (and continues to have) big impact, spreading traditions across the world.  All seasons and traditions linger, even across centuries and ½ Way to, too.

It was an exciting summer for the vibrant GAA in Ohio.  Cleveland, Akron, Columbus and Cincinnati all made strides and experienced unprecedented growth across all ages and GAA sports, language, music & dance.  Male, female or coed, it is thrilling to see kids and adults of all ages fill the fields and grow in skills, both physical and mental. I’ve got rhythm; the social skills, assurance and overall physical health learned here will apply no matter what they do in the future, Gaelic or not.

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Nuair a stadann an ceol, stadann an rince

(When the music stops, so does the dance)


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