Editor’s Corner: All God’s Creatures Got a Place at the Fire

Editor’s Corner: Loving All of God’s Creations

I am a firm believer in God.  He, and He alone has gotten me through things that I never should have survived.  I’ll tell you about it sometime, but for now, I will just say that He doesn’t make mistakes. I do, far too often, but experience, not blind faith, has taught me that He does not. 

I don’t understand everything that happens, or why, we seem to hurt so much. But holding God to man’s ability to understand is just plain silly. I’m still standing, hopefully better than I did before.

In the understatement of this young year, love is needed now more than ever. How different would the world be if we only followed that philosophy when deciding how e want to deal with others?  If we looked outward, instead of selfishly inward, when we make that choice (and it is a choice). Treat others as you would yourself is the only barometer anyone needs to use. Love thy neighbor as yourself is another way to put it: It worked for Jesus. In fact, He commanded it.

We can’t be all, to all, and shouldn’t desire to be, but we can love all (That love thy neighbor thing? He meant that); and accept all of God’s creations who live with Love, and love those who do not, until they do. Happy St. Valentine’s Day to all lovers.

Welcome back to Greenisland Restaurant! So delighted to share a pint and a great meal with new oner Bob Weishampel. Make sure to stop by and say hello and welcome them back to the iIrish family. Food, drink, fun and family, just off I90 & Columbia Road in Bay Village, Ohio.

Congrats to Mullaney’s Harp & Fiddle celebrating their 30th Anniversary!  The legendary Pittsburgh establishment has been the proverbial home away from home for so many living in Greater Pittsburgh, and those visiting too.

Celtic Woman
Our cover features the iconic Celtic Woman, performing in Detroit April 3rd, Columbus April 9th, Louisville April 10th, Cleveland April 13th, Cincinnati April 14th and Indianapolis June 3rd.

We will have an interview with fiddler Tara McNeil in next month’s issue.  The voices, the talented musicians, dancers and singers … One Billion satisfied customers cannot be wrong.  Looking forward to seeing them, again, as they embark on their Postcards from Ireland Tour.

Irish Heritage Month
High season is coming, Irish Heritage Month features so many events, some here, some in next month’s issue, but check the website ( anytime, or sign up for the free 2x a month eBulletin that goes out to 12,000 plus opted in subscribers, to not miss a thing.

March issue features the 2022 St. Patrick’s Day Honorees, so send us yours with a High-Res pic that you own or have permission to use, best wishes ads, running for election ads, etc. to love thy neighbor all the more, at [email protected].

God Bless, hope to see you on The Avenue, soon.

Nuair a stapann an ceol, an damhsa déanann an amhlaidh
(When the music stops, so does the dance)


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