December Issue of the Ohio Irish American News Has Arrived!

Featuring the brand new CD, Roots & Stones, by Scythian, this is a fantastic issue filled with Chrisas stories, sports, review, recipes, past, present and future events to not miss and so much more.  


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Wherever the Ohio Irish Gather, there is the Ohio Irish American News. There are over 160,000 people of Irish descent in Cuyahoga County, 450,000 living in Greater Cleveland, and more than 1.6 million in Ohio. The impact and involvement of the Irish has shaped the state since its birth. We will celebrate our 14th Anniversary with the January issue. We have become an impactful and significant player in the community in which we live and serve. People look to us for trustworthy, current information in our print, web, iIrish podcast , Social Media, YouTube, eBulletin and interactive issues. The OhioIANews brings the movers, shakers and music makers to you from a unique perspective each month.,


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