Crossword Puzzle: Irish Festivals!


Crossword Puzzle: Irish Festivals!
by Linda Burke


5 ____West from Galway

7 _________ plays Scottish

traditional Celtic battle music

9 ____ Man’s Gambit is a trio

based out of Pennsylvania

11 _____, Irish band influenced by

electro, jazz, house, and rock


12 ________ Sessions hail from

the Highlands of Scotland

14 ____ RAVEN perform an

eclectic blend of traditional

Celtic and World music, as well

as their own original


15 The Whileaways , a band from


16 Gaelic ____ Ireland’s Most

Popular Traditional Irish Ballad

Band with a lively Rock

Sensibility from Cork Ireland.

17 ____ O’Neill , Irish singer with a

bluesy, husky voice.

18 Brigid’s _____ Cleveland’s Paul

Baker, Peggy Goonan-Baker

and Richie Reece

20 The Fitzgeralds, siblings, from

_______’s renowned Ottawa


22 _____In the Frying Pan, young

trad trio from County Clare

25 ______ Stanley, Boston, MA, is

considered by many as a

master of the five row button


26 ______ Henry New York, NY,

funny and talented singer

27 HOOLIGANS, four fun-loving

musicians that show their pride

in the rich history of the Irish in

______ Ohio

28 _____ Celtic Fest is July 26-28,

at Riverscape in Downtown


30 ___ Moran & Padraig Stevens,

Galway, Members of The Saw


35 Derek ________& the Young

Wolfe Tones responsible for

preservation of the tradition of

Irish ballad singing over the past

50 years.

37 American ______ from Canada

38 General _________Band has

performed the songs and music

of Ireland for over 35 years

40 ___ Ragged, traditional band

from New Foundland

42 ______ Irish Fest, Aug. 2-4

43 Hank ______ with a booming

bass voice, hails from Winthrop


44 Fest Ohio, a celtic fair in

Waynesville, OH, June 14 – 16

47 Colm _______is best known as

one of the Principal singers

Celtic Thunder

49 The _______, playing traditional

Irish music in the city of

Cleveland for the past 30 years.

50 The _____ Brothers, a family

band from Donegal, now based

in FL

51 Father, Son and ________

53 ______ Doyle, Glendale, CA, is

a Celtic harpist, singer and


56 _______ Banjo from Castlebar,

Co. Mayo

58 ______, a full bodied pipe and

whistle extravaganza from


59 ______ Storm – the chart topping,

multi-national Celtic


63 Niall ______, musician,

University of Limerick

64 The ___________ based in

New York a young punk/old

time folk band.

65 _____ the Sea, Celtic Rock

from Central Ohio playing high energy

original and traditional

music since 2015.

67 ____ _____ , Irelands premiere

Ballad band

70 Gaelic Storm from the movie


71 DUBLIN ______BAND is a

highly-select 30-member Britishstyle

brass band based here in

Dublin, Ohio.

74 Ballybeg ______, Rob Wilson

from Belfast, Richard Free from

Dublin and Jeff Kanel from

Columbus join forces.

75 _______, Playing immigrant

rock with thunderous energy,

technical prowess, and

storytelling songwriting

76 _______ Road duo playing

together for two decades

78 ____ Celtic Festival Sept. 20-22

@ the Mentor Amphitheater

79 _______ Hearts is a lively

interactive, hand clapping, foot

stomping traditional Irish band

featuring four-part mixed voices

80 The ____ Pointers have

connected with audiences

across the globe, playing new,

original roots music .

81 _______ McManus, singer/songwriter

and Celtic artist from

Armagh, Northern Ireland


1 Bagpipes and drums with a

Scottish flare, the Red Hot Chilli

______ carry a distinct sound.

2 The Dublin _______ are an

award-winning family musical


3 Rory ______, Tommy’s son

sings Irish folk tunes

4 Garry Gormley, One

____Paddy Quincy MA Co.

Tyrone, Sings with Young


5 _______ Crowe , Detroit, MI

Derek Wikarski – Paul Wikarski

formerly The Kreelers

6 ____________. a local

traditional Irish music duo of

Irish harp and fiddle.

8 ______ Sands, folk singer, song

writer, radio broadcaster from

Mayobridge, Co. Down

10 Cleveland Irish ________

Festival , July 19-21

13 ___________. Alec and John of


16 Aoife Scott, daughter of

Frances _____

19 ____ Hennessy is an Irish

virtuoso guitarist

21 _____ Cahilll, a solo artist who

sang with Celtic Thunder

23 _______ and Mash Suffolk

County, NY Americelt. It’s a

meld of Celtic Rock, Southern

Rock and Folk

24 Emma ________ hails from

Limerick City

26 ______Lads bring to the stage a

concoction of “can’t hold still”

Irish dance tunes

29 ___ _____High energy Celtic

Rock band that played at

Disney World

31 ________ Green hails from


32 ______ is an award winning trad

band from NI

33 Doolin’ – Irish music with a


34 JAMESON’S _____A local

favorite to the Dayton area

36 ________’s music is a Celtic

hybrid that pays homage to the

traditional celtic sound

39 __________, the Scottish band

that started the Oban Live


41 _______ the Ladies, New

York, NY , Celebrating 33 years

of music making with leader

Joanie Madden

45 ____. a five-piece band from the

North of Ireland

46 ________, Evans, and Doherty

Trad trio from Canadian

Maritimes and Omagh, Co.


48 The ____ Sisters from Galway

52 _________ Irish Festival, June

7-9, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

54 The _________, a Halifax based


55 9 ______Close prides itself on

adding a new dimension to the

Celtic Rock scene

56 __________, a fun loving, high

energy band from


57 _____ Lane is rock, and reel,

but most of all, the good times

roll from Cleveland

60 ______ of Longford perform

their unique contemporary Irish

style both regionally and


61 The _________ Orphans are

four sisters from Bundoran ,

County Donegal,

62 ________ Cleveland’s Maureen

Conway Reich, Marcus Dirk,

Patrick Faith

65 Galway, Ireland’s We _____3

for finding common ground

between old world tradition and

authentic Americana by plying


66 No _________ Here,

Cleveland’s Pat Hoynes, Bob

Crawford and Larry Bachtel

68 ________ has been performing

a unique mix of Celtic and

energetic American folk rock

since 1999.

69 __________ Irish Festival –

Aug. 15-18

72 ______Davis Lawrence, KS,

tormer soloist for the Vegas

premiere of Michael Flatley’s

“Lord of the Dance.”

73 ____ of the Hock, Playing Irish

music together for 25 years,

77 ___ Linn, former ambassadors of

Seachtain na Gaelige


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