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My father’s long fingers often spoke to his desire to be a musician, rather than the excellence he enjoyed on the fields of glory, at least to me.  Or perhaps it signified a velvet touch. Craftsmen and women have always enthralled me.  Here we feature Crafters of Ireland and noted crafters.

What is Crafters of Ireland (COI)?
In a nutshell, Crafters of Ireland is a support service and for crafters, artists and designers in Ireland or anywhere in the world our Diaspora create handcrafted goods. Their mission is to create visibility for all who subscribe, not only in Ireland, but the UK, Europe, the US and beyond. They aim to create connections and partnerships too.

The founder of COI, Bernadette Clancy, has first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing crafters through her work as a management consultant, delivering courses, workshops and bootcamps through state supports such as Local Enterprise Offices and Enterprise Ireland’s New Frontiers for start-ups and entrepreneurs. This is where she worked and gained an understanding of how and where this sector needs ongoing support.

“I built COI around the needs of our clients. It is a new and innovative service designed to provide individual care, attention and professional support that covers all aspects of their business, on an ongoing basis” she said.

From the outset, Bernadette ensured her service would be unique to what was already available. “Because of the nature of their work, they can become isolated. I often spoke to crafters about this, long before Covid struck.

“Our crafters are not just a number, with products on an online shop. We know each of them to talk to, we respect them, and we are proud to have them on board. COI’s focus is on promoting people; we want everyone to know they exist, and that they love what they do.
“We promote their skills, resilience, dedication, and passion for what they do. Each sale they make is spent back into the economy, which in turn helps to keep other businesses in different sectors afloat.

To see the full range of ever-growing products, check out,  or join on Facebook  so you don’t miss out on competitions. Crafters, advertise your products too:, and on Instagram Phone is 087 4210829

Wogan Secrets
Wogan Secrets are an award-winning online luxury candle boutique, based in the picturesque village of Slane, Co. Meath, home to Slane Castle, and the Hill of Slane, where legend says St. Patrick started the fires that drew the snakes out of Ireland. A family run business that strives to bring customers the most amazing product, each made with love and extreme attention to detail.  Wogan Secrets stand out by creating a beautiful multi-award winning selection of luxury candles, gifts and accessories, no matter the occasion, Wedding, Birthday, Christening, Anniversary or Christmas. They offer personalised candles with your message, even your proposal for your big day, in your own words.   

I started my business three years ago from my kitchen table,’ said owner Stacey Wogan. “At the time, I was hoping to earn some more money and share my gift of design with other people. I adore weddings and all wedding related ideas; my best friend was getting married, and I said I would try make these as a gift to her. I went from one order per week to doing between 40/50, whilst adding other elements, from christening/baptism, to memorials, to all occasions.

“In my three short years, I have won numerous awards for my designs; they are so personal and unique, not available from a shop shelf. I am delighted to be part of Crafters of Ireland, who are promoting all the crafters globally.”

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