Columbus Irish: Shamrock Cub Reveals 2022 St. Patrick’s Day Badge

Columbus Irish: Shamrock Club President Shuman Reveals 2022 St. Patrick’s Day Parade Badge
By: Molly Truex

During the first General Membership Meeting of the 2022 year at the Shamrock Club of Columbus, President Andy Shuman revealed his design for the St. Patrick’s Day parade badge and had this to say about it:

“The inspiration for this year’s parade badge came from a graphic that I saw posted by John O’Brien, Jr. of the iIrish newspaper. The image was of a rising sun behind a crowd of waving hands and flags.  As I imagined the possibility of a parade this year, the rising sun represented this hope.  The flags and cheering crowd represented the joy which I imagined while people celebrated and watched a parade. 

The enthusiasm I imagined is represented in the words of a Wolfe Tone’s song which keeps running through my mind:

‘Let the people sing, their stories and their songs
And the music of their native land
Their lullabies and battle cries and songs of hope and joy
So join us hand in hand
All across this ancient land
Throughout the test of time
It was music that kept their spirits free
Those songs of yours and of mine’

“My hope is that 2022 will be the year we can break out of our lockdown and celebrate with all the songs and stories that we have been saving for the last two years.

“‘Let the people sing!’”

Through the trials of the past two years, this badge is a perfect fit for our optimism into the year 2022. 

*Molly lives on the east side of Columbus with her family and two difficult dogs and has been a member of the Shamrock Club for the past six years. 

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