Columbus Irish: No Parade, but Honors, and SHENANIGANS

Columbus Irish: No Parade, But We Still Honor Our Extraordinary Volunteers
By Molly Truex

The member organizations of the Clann Na nGael of Columbus, Ohio are pleased to announce the 2021 St. Patrick’s Day Honorees:

Clann Na nGael 
The Irish Brigade

Founded by Dave Murphy and Pat Mogan in 1979 to play a promotional event at the Lazarus Department Store in downtown Columbus, the band spent the next nineteen years entertaining audiences across Central Ohio and beyond. The Brigade was a memorable cast of characters, including regulars Greg Hankins, Kevin Talty, Dennis O’Hooley Smith, Phil Franck, Jim Scarf, and sound man Brian Conklin, plus many irregulars along the way. The Brigade was the original Irish traditional music group in Columbus, in more ways than one. Their enjoyment of the music and love of Irish history and culture echoes on through other music groups today.

A recognition event for The Irish Brigade and all our 2021 award winners will be scheduled later in 2021.

Ancient Order of Hibernians Patrick Pearse Division
Commodore Barry Award, Cathy Sullivan
Member of the Year, Bruce McPherson 






Daughters of Erin
Irishwoman of the Year, Becky Ellis 




   Member of the Year, Sharon Selby

Emerald Society
Bill Harris

Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians
Member of the Year: Karen Finn




Shamrock Club of Columbus

SCOC 2021 Honorees

Irish Person of the Year: Megan Dempsey
Member of the Year: Brian O’Reilly
Parade Grand Marshals: Morey Joseph Brady and Jim O’Connor

L-R Member of the Year Brian O’Reilly; Parade Grand Marshal Morey Joseph Brady; SCOC President Andy Shuman; Parade Grand Marshal James “Jim” O’Connor; Irish Person of the Year Megan Dempsey.  Photo Credit: Karen Fahy



Thank you to the Greater Columbus Irish Cultural Foundation and the Greater Cleveland United Irish Societies for working to unite the Ohio Irish!  Cleveland Parade Pins were available to the Columbus community this year thanks to Ed Gaughan and John Togher!  We are excited to see more collaborations like this in the future. 



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