Clevelander Crowned Champion at International Piping Festival in Glasgow. Also A Cleveland Knight?

Clevelander Crowned Champion
at International Piping Festival in Glasgow, Scotland

North Royalton resident Anne Gallo won Piper of the Day Honors in Glasgow, Scotland in the  Competition League for Amateur Solo Pipers, (CLASP), in the Grade 2 event held during the Glasgow International Piping Festival August 10th through the 18th. Ms. Gallo is the first and only player from Ohio to compete and win this event.

“My goal was to play well,” said Ms. Gallo, “I never thought I would win the entire event.”  A student of Barry Conway, Anne’s playing peaked at the right time. “She’s been improving all year,” said Conway, “but to win such a prestigious event was a pleasant surprise.”

Ms. Gallo competed in three separate events, finishing first in the Strathspey/Reel, second in the 2/4 March and third in the Piobaireachd event to accumulate the points needed to win the honor. Piobaireachd is an ancient, more classical genre of the bagpipe. 

Ms. Gallo also competed with the Great Lakes Pipe Band at the World Pipe Band Championship, held in Scotland on August 18th.

When not playing bagpipes, Anne attends Cuyahoga Community College, where she is a Logistics Major.



A Cleveland Knight?

Congratulations to founder, George Fisher (left) and John Staunton from Merchant du Vin (right) who were knighted
by the Knighthood of the Brewers Mash Staff in Brussels, Belgium this week.

The Belgian beer community pays tribute to their rich history every September, celebrating in the Brussels Grand Place. The 3-day beer festival centers around a ceremony honoring Saint Arnold, the patron saint of brewing. During this ceremony, the honorary knights are “enthroned.” The Knighthood of the Brewers Mash Staff is comprised of direct descendants of the Belgian Brewers Guild, the heirs to the original Brewers Guild from the 14th century. Annually, the guild recognizes a small number of honorary knights for their contributions to the Belgian beer industry and culture.

Honorary knights are individuals who have “rendered loyal services to the brewing profession.”


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