Christine Hahn
Christine Hahn
Graphic Designer

Meet Christine Hahn: iIrish’s Graphic Designer and Cultural Advocate

Christine Hahn, a seasoned graphic designer from the Northeast Ohio area, is a testament to the power of embracing one’s heritage while pursuing a successful career. Christine’s journey into the world of design began in the 1980s, when she graduated from art school. However, her professional life wasn’t solely dedicated to graphic design; she always balanced it with other endeavors close to her heart.

For two decades, Christine served as the Art Director for the Gay People’s Chronicle, an LGBTQ magazine in Ohio. Her dedication to this role allowed her to contribute to the LGBTQ community while perfecting her design skills. Though this chapter eventually closed, Christine remained committed to using her talents for meaningful causes.

Her next calling came when she joined Ohio Irish American News (now iIrish), a publication focused on Irish heritage and culture. Given her strong connection to her Irish roots, stemming primarily from her father’s side of the family, this role resonated with Christine. She saw it as an opportunity to share her passion for Irish culture while working in the print media industry she loved.

Christine has been an integral part of the iIrish newsmagazine team since March of 2018. Her freedom to exercise creative control over the magazine’s design has allowed her to infuse it with a fresh, progressive spirit. Christine’s commitment to the magazine’s mission of celebrating Irish heritage is unwavering, and she believes in its potential to reach out to younger generations and help them connect with their Irish roots.

Beyond her work at the magazine, Christine has a unique passion for Irish indie rock bands. Although she initially felt that discussing them might not align with the publication’s core focus, she realized that this could be a way to engage a younger audience.

Her radio show on Case Western Reserve University’s 91.1 channel, which she has hosted for 23 years, provides her with the perfect platform to introduce her audience to the vibrant world of Irish indie rock. This initiative reflects her commitment to bridging generational gaps within the Irish community in Cleveland.

Christine’s dedication to preserving Irish culture extends beyond her professional life. She acknowledges the need for more engagement with the younger generation, especially those of Irish descent, in the Cleveland area. While she’s aware of the challenges posed by a predominantly nuclear family culture in America, she remains hopeful that initiatives like Aer Lingus’ presence in Cleveland and collaborations with diverse groups can rekindle interest in Irish heritage among our youth.

Christine’s journey as a graphic designer, art director, and radio show host exemplifies how diverse interests and a commitment to heritage can shape a fulfilling life in Cleveland, and in America, and serves as an inspiration for those seeking to find purpose and connection in their work while celebrating their cultural heritage.