Cleveland Irish: Refreshment and Business

Cleveland Irish: Refreshment and Business by Francis McGarry The early Irish in Cleveland did not take long to make their presence felt in a variety of fields and endeavors.  Much […]

At Home Abroad: Spring is in the Air

At Home Abroad: Spring is in the Air By Regina Costello   Departing the homestead Young shoulders bear heavy backpacks. Sweet faces kissed by crisp early morning dew, Cold, damp […]

Christmas Walk

Cleveland Comhrá: A Christmas Walk by Bob Carney Being dog “parents”, Christmas morning, like any morning Mary and I are not working, starts with a walk in the woods. Our […]

Speak Irish: Cuireadh do Mhuire

Speak Irish; Cuireadh do Mhuire by Bob Carney Máirtín Ó Direáin was born on Inis Mór in 1910. He left the Irish speaking community for Galway and eventually, for life […]

Speak Irish: Michael Davitt 

Speak Irish: Michael Davitt    by Bob Carney I GCUIMHNE AR LIS CEÁRNAIGHE, BLASCAODACH 1974        Tráth bhíodh cártaí ar bord,                                           (traw veed kor-tee ar board) Coróin is mugaí tae fé choinneal                                    (krow-in […]

Milestones & Sweet Snaps

Milestones: Congratulations to Neil & Maura Hagan, celebrating their 30th Wedding Anniversary! Congratulations to Hooley House Mentor, celebrating their 10th Anniversary? Congratulations to Cleveland St. Ignatius High School Hockey on winning their […]

Out & About Ohio Music & Events April

Out & About Ohio April 2019 Flanagan’s Wake is Back! LAST CHANCE to see Flanagan’s Wake! Through April only, the Hilarious Interactive Irish Wake is Every Friday & Saturday at […]