Akron Irish: Charity’s End

By Lisa O’Rourke The holidays mark the time of year that we focus on giving. We call this time of year the giving season. What does that mean? It is […]

Akron Irish: Say What?

Bobby Sands Mural in Belfast

Explore the impactful book “Say Nothing” by Patrick Radden Keefe, delving into the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Uncover the complexity of political motives, personal stories, and the enduring mystery of Jean McConville’s murder. Gain insights into the dynamics that shaped Ireland’s history.

Akron Irish: Naked and Afraid-The Armada Edition

Lisa O’Rourke recounts the harrowing survival story of Captain Francisco de Cuellar, a Spanish Armada captain who found himself shipwrecked and stranded in Ireland in 1591. He endured hardships, encountered English soldiers, and faced perilous situations while wandering naked and afraid. The story sheds light on the challenges he faced and the hospitality he eventually received from the Irish. O’Rourke also reflects on the complexities of historical morality and power struggles during that era.

Akron Irish: Nothing Compares to Sinéad

Sinéad O’Connor, the iconic Irish singer known for her hauntingly beautiful voice and unapologetic activism, has passed away. Her unique ability to embody both old and new Ireland, coupled with her unwavering candor, made her an indelible figure in the country’s cultural and social landscape.

Akron Irish: Working for a Living

By Lisa O’Rourke On a post pandemic road trip a few years ago, my husband and I found ourselves in a concrete sprawl desert. We plodded down a four-lane road, […]

Akron Irish: Murphy’s Law!

By Lisa O’Rourke Every erstwhile late, bedraggled individual has, at some point, embraced Murphy, the god of personal misfortune. I envision him, circa 1850, hat askew, standing in his potato […]

Akron Irish: Secret Surfers

Surfer on a yellow surfboard surfing on waves at Strand Hill Beach in Sligo

Surfing in Ireland? Read how about the latest documentary, Keep It Secret by Irish American Sean Duggan, on how surfing became a sport in Ireland.

Akron Irish: Be Quiet

Akron Irish: Be Quiet By Lisa O’Rourke As longtime students of the Irish language, my fellow language friends and I were over the moon to hear that there was a […]

What’s the Craic: May 2023

Brooklyn – Hooley House!5th – Almost Famous, 13th – Disco Inferno, 26th- Nick Zuber on the Patio (6-9pm). 10310 Cascade Crossing, Brooklyn 216-362-7700.  ClevelandAer Lingus19th –Aer Lingus direct flights Cleveland to Dublin (Sun., Mon., Wed., […]

Akron Irish: Don’t Pass By

Akron Irish: Don’t Pass ByBy Lisa O’Rourke Horseman pass by is a strange tourism slogan by any standard. It is probably not fair to call it a slogan, but tangentially, […]