This Just In: Ohio Renaissance Festival Honors Harp Day

The Ohio Renaissance Festival, in collaboration with Harp Ireland, celebrates Harp Day on October 21 with enchanting performances by Jay and Abby Michaels, known as The Harper and The Minstrel. Delight in Medieval, Renaissance, and Celtic music played on various instruments, including historical harps, wooden flutes, penny whistles, viola da gamba, hammered dulcimer, and beautiful singing. Join in the celebration of this historic instrument at the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

Terry from Derry: A Eulogy

Equestrian statue of Joan of Arc

Sinead O’Connor, a fiery artist, and protest singer, left an indelible mark on music and society by fearlessly confronting political, social, and clerical injustices. Her courage in speaking uncomfortable truths leaves a lasting legacy.

THE OLD SPEAKEASY by Kyf Brewer and Barleyjuice

New Release! THE OLD SPEAKEASY by Kyf Brewer and Barleyjuice Barleyjuice is a nationally known Celtic Rock band from the Philadelphia area. Founder Kyf Brewer has been on the rock scene for over […]