Éasca Péasca (Easy Peasy): Student Stories

Photo of Meghan Osekowski with text Éasca Péasca: Student Stories

Meghan Osekowski, a University of Pittsburgh senior, shares her journey embracing Irish culture. From Irish dance and curragh racing to learning Gaeilge, Meghan highlights the significance of her heritage in her academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Éasca Péasca (Easy Peasy): Student Stories – Scoil Rois

Explore the nostalgic student story of Carrie Ann Gobnait McKenna from Scoil Rois in Carrickmacross, County Monaghan. Journey back to the rich world of Gaeilge, Gaelic football, and Irish heritage at this quaint school founded in 1985. A tribute to a remarkable teacher and the unforgettable experiences that shaped generations of students.

Éasca Péasca (Easy Peasy) Student Stories: The Lady of the Dance

In “The Lady of the Dance,” Shauna Meehan shares her remarkable journey through Irish dancing. Starting as a young dancer, she embraced the art form and continued for 15 years. Her story reveals how Irish dancing became an integral part of her identity, connecting her to her Irish heritage, and bridging the gap between her American upbringing and Irish roots. Shauna’s passion for Irish dancing led her to the world championships and became a lifestyle. Her dedication and practice paid off with championship titles, making her proud to continue dancing.

Éasca Péasca: Student Stories – Copy

Éasca Péasca: Student Stories Cailín an RinceBy Emalee Eakin Dia daoibh! Is mise Emalee agus táim i Rang Gaeilge 4 ag Pitt. My journey le Gaeilge starts with my family. […]

Éasca Péasca: Student Stories

Éasca Péasca: Student Stories By Marie Young Éasca Péasca: Student StoriesBy Madeline Leatherbarrow My journey as an undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh began with my interest in psychology. […]

Éasca Péasca: Student Stories: An Irish Minor

Easca Peasca: Student Stories: An Irish MinorBy Kayleigh Phillips Dia dhuit! Is mise Kayleigh. Táim sa rang Gaeilge 4 ag Pitt le mórán daoine iontacha! If, three years ago, someone told […]