Health Matters: What to Know About Alzheimer’ Disease

Explore crucial information about Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive and deadly brain condition affecting millions globally. Learn about symptoms, diagnosis, and available treatments to manage cognitive and behavioral health. November is Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month—take the time to understand and recognize the signs.

The Fitness Doctor: Simple Weight Loss Tips

Discover effective weight loss strategies backed by research. Learn about long-term weight management behaviors, the Mediterranean diet, the role of exercise, and more from The Fitness Doctor, Dr. Frederick Peters.

Health Matters: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month-Busting Common Breast Cancer Myths

Breast cancer is a common concern, and it’s essential to dispel some common myths. Dr. Mita Patel addresses these myths, including the misconception that having a lump guarantees breast cancer. Early-stage breast cancer may not present as a lump. Mammograms, the primary tool for detection, do not spread or cause cancer. There’s no scientific evidence linking deodorant, bras, cell phones, or hair dyes to breast cancer. While some risk factors are associated with genetics, being a woman over 40 is a more common risk. Importantly, men can also get breast cancer, making awareness and regular exams vital for all.