CURRENT ISSUE:  August 2023

Donnybrook: Westminster Scorecard

Donnybrook: Westminster Scorecard                                By John Myers A Westminster scorecard could be helpful to most Americans to keep track of all the happenings the last couple of months at Westminster, both […]

Donnybrook: Long Live the Peace

Donnybrook: Long Live the Peace By John Myers The occasion of the death of the English Monarch last month raises the full complexity of the relationship between the peoples and […]

Donnybrook: Diamonds, Blackjacks and Shamrocks

Donnybrook: Diamonds, Blackjacks & Shamrocks By John Myers This month is the 75th anniversary (diamond) of one of the biggest armed robberies in Ohio history, according to Anthony Verdone, a third-generation […]

Donnybrook: Bolton Bats Biden

Donnybrook: Bolton Bats Biden                 By John Myers Former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton attacked President Joe Biden as being “Clueless” for his support for Ireland, The Good Friday Agreement, […]

Donnybrook: BOJO Losing MOJO

Donnybrook: BOJO losing MOJO  By John Myers While British Prime Minister Boris Johnson officially “won” a majority of support from fellow members of his Conservative and Unionist Party, he emerged […]

Donnybrook: History in the Making

Donnybrook: History in the Making By John Myers Sinn Fein Tops Polls 101 years ago, the British Government carved out six of the thirty-two counties of the island of Ireland […]

Donnybrook: Time for a Real Change

Donnybrook: Time for Real Change By John Myers Time for Real Change is the slogan for Sinn Fein’s 2022 Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly elections. Sinn Fein is the party most […]

Donnybrook: Easter Lily

  Donnybrook: Easter Lily By John Myers 106 years in not a memorable number, but every anniversary of the 1916 Easter Uprising is worthy of celebration.  The 1916 Proclamation was […]

Donnybrook: Belfast Garners Seven Oscar Nominations

Donnybrook: Belfast Garners Seven Oscar Nominations By John Myers Kenneth Branagh’s semi-auto biographical movie set in Belfast at the beginning of The Troubles has been nominated for seven (7) different […]