Blowin’ In: Impressions of Spring

Blowin In

I have always thought that if you sit still and observe life long enough, something will happen. That something may be dramatic, like a sun setting crimson behind the blue of cold water. Perhaps that something will be subtle, barely perceptible to the unaware eye, such as

Blowin’ In: The Goat

Goat Society pic

Shaking his head, Granddad laughed and laughed. One fateful day, Buck Buck, all fire and energy, chose to buck the wrong farmer. Milk cans went flying. My mother never knew exactly what happened to

Blowin’ In: Love Distilled

I stood in the National Library of Ireland in Dublin one grey April day. Silent tears streamed down my cheeks in wonder, in relief, in thanksgiving. My daughter’s

Blowin’ In: The Drummers

By Sue Mangan One grey winter day, I sat outside on the steps of the Art Institute of Chicago drinking coffee. I planned, as I always do when visiting the […]

Blowin’ In: A Tale for Christmas, a story by Sue Mangan

Dive into the heartwarming tale of Petey and Paddy Corrigan, the mischievous twins of Rock Strand, as they embark on a magical Christmas adventure. Discover the enchanting role of the Winter Apple, the McCracken twins, and a surprise visitor in this delightful story. Experience the spirit of Christmastide and the joy of unexpected miracles in this charming narrative.

Blowin’ In: All Paths Lead to Home

Join Sue Mangan on a reflective journey through Ireland’s landscapes and her home in rural Indiana. Delve into the beauty of familiar paths, changing seasons, and the essence of home. Explore the interconnectedness of nature, family, and self, embracing the profound wisdom hidden in the ordinary.

Blowin’ In: Phantoms

In “Blowin’ In: Phantoms” by Sue Mangan, the article delves into the subtle and mystical connections between the past and present. It explores the presence of “phantoms” in our lives, connecting us to history and experiences. Mangan draws inspiration from William Butler Yeats and his fascination with the invisible world, emphasizing the interconnectedness of our experiences, no matter the passage of time.

Blowin’ In: Blackberry Season Redux

As summer transitions to autumn, the author reflects on the changing season, blackberry picking, and the passage of time. Memories of loved ones, travel adventures, and the circle of life blend in this heartfelt piece.

Blowin’ In: Hidden Within the Trees

By Sue Mangan Fairytales, myths, and legends have always captured the attention of both the young and old. It is curious how these tales spark both fear and comfort. Campfires […]