Blowin’ In: Stargazing

  Blowin’ In: Stargazing By Susan Mangan Paint at night those stars in a frosty sky, one brighter than another. Sirius, Orion, Great Bear accustom eyes to deepest pitch that […]

Late Autumn Blessings: Blowin’ In

    Blowin’ in: Late Autumn Blessings By Susan Mangan     If you stand near the uneven shores of the lake long enough and are still, so still that […]

Notes from an Irish Field: Blowin’ In

Blowin’ In: Notes from an Irish Field By Susan Mangan Staring into long shadows cast by the old Rowan tree, I thought so long that my tea went cold. Ruminating […]

Éasca Péasca (Easy Peasy) An Seomra Suí

An Seomra Suí By Margaret Gralinski I wish to stare at the weeping willow out the wide front window with its long, slender branches sweeping the ground as it sighs […]

Blowin’ In: Hidden Still

Blowin’ In: Hidden Still By Susan Mangan “it is gone in a fling of wings off up beyond the ash-tree hedge; you write it down, then in wonder, in words […]

Blowin’ In: Hidden Art

    Blowin’ In: Hidden Art By Susan Mangan       “Stone Crab on an Irish Table” By Susan Mangan Impenetrable armor, molten red, claws dipped in peat colored […]

At Home Abroad: First Blush

At Home Abroad: First Blush By Regina Costello The nights silence breaks with the chorus of morning birds joyfully greeting a new day.   I rise to find my Wheaten […]