At Home Abroad: Story Time! Who Knew?

  At Home Abroad: Story time! Who knew? By Regina Costello  Working at the Buckeye public library in Medina County has introduced me to the world of story time.  And […]

At Home Abroad: Are We Born to Run?

  At Home Abroad: Are We “Born to Run”? By Regina Costello Life’s journey of eternal crossroads forces us to constantly check in with ourselves, that sometimes requires us to […]

At Home Abroad: Go Gather By the Humming Sea

At Home Abroad: “Go Gather by the Humming Sea” * By Regina Costello Water is a recurring theme in Irish poetry, literature, and life.  Beyond its’ origin in and necessity […]

Slavery & the Irish: At Home Abroad

At Home Abroad: Slavery and the Irish By Regina Costello “In the slavery business, no tribe was fiercer or more feared than the Irish.”  Thomas Cahill. Efforts to obliterate or […]