Mayo Delegation’s Visit to Cleveland

By Yvonne Corcoran Loftus, Curator, Michael Davitt Museum The Michael Davitt Museum in Straide, County Mayo had the great privilege of accompanying the Pat Chambers Civil War Collection to Cleveland […]

Cleveland Comhrá: The Winter Solstice

By Bob Carney Before Christianity came to dominate Ireland’s religious practices and culture, it’s people believed in a number of gods and goddesses who had ties to the natural world […]

Blowin’ In: A Tale for Christmas

By Sue Mangan As the sun dipped behind the rolling hills of McCracken’s fields, Petey and Paddy Corrigan walked slowly home. Night fell early in late November, but the twins […]

Columbus Irish: King of the Birds

By Andrew Shuman “Peace on earth… good will to men (and birds)!”   The Christmas season is full of traditions from both Celtic and Christian custom. The holly and ivy […]

Illuminations: Glasnevin Cemetary

By Mike Finn Glasnevin Cemetery is a large cemetery in Glasnevin, Dublin, which opened in 1832. It is the largest cemetery in Ireland. Originally covering nine acres of ground, the […]

Irish Lit: Christmas Card Poems

By Dr. Jeanne Colleran Beginning in 1976, when Seamus Heaney, his wife Marie, and their three children, Michael, Catherine, and Christopher, moved away from dangerous Belfast to County Wicklow in […]

Milestone & Sweet Snaps

May peace and joy surround you, Contentment latch your door. May happiness be with you always, and God bless you evermore. May you live your life with faith and nurture […]

Kid’s Craic: The Twelve Days of Christmas

By Megan Lardie In most cultures, the Twelve Days of Christmas are celebrated from Christmas Day, December 25th, to January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany, (the day the three […]

Speak Irish: Scél Lemm Dúib

By Bob Carney I’m not normally the type to gripe about the weather, the crazy lady (my darling wife) does that enough for both of us, but I do sympathize […]