Author/Radio Host Frank Delaney Passes

By Cliff Carlson

There are those in life who are bigger than life, and Frank Delaney was one of them. A prolific author of 22 books, an interviewer extroardinaire who by his own count interviewed over 3,000 authors, has left this spinning planet and is probably already in a fascinating conversation with Mr. James Joyce!

Frank agreed to come to Chicago and be a headline author for our Irish, Books, Arts, and Music Celebration known as  iBAM! Over the three years he appeared here, he always dressed to the nines, and left a trail of happy readers and admirers who were mesmerized by his eloquence, aplomb, sincerity, energy, and charisma.
He had it all, and he gave of it willingly.

One of the traits I loved about him was his humility. When I asked him if he needed us to give him a ride to his hotel, he replied, “Thank you, but I can get myself back!” He was a cultural rock star, but demanded no special treatment.

He gave of himself every time he came here, and offered advice and encouragement. I viewed Frank as a mentor for the short while I knew him.

May he light up the room wherever he is!

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