An Honor Roll: American Brexit Committee

By Michael Cummings

In 2016, twenty-three   Americans drawn from a legacy of Irish-American activism were invited by John Dearie* to share their concerns for what Brexit might mean for Ireland.   Since then, the ABC has worked to stimulate debate and to be a presence in awakening Americans to the damage of Brexit to Ireland’s 32 counties.  Our Brexit fears have been confirmed.  The malevolence of the British Conservative Party, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Defense, is to secure garrison Ulster for the Crown for another 100 years.  Hence, the importance of the criminal conspiracy bill in Parliament to bury the security services collusion killings and avoid the certain label of a ‘State sponsor of terrorism.’    

The ABC represents a small but select slice of Americans whose dedicated leadership   in their respective organizations—Hibernians, Brehon’s, Unity Conference, Irish Northern Aid, & Labor Coalition.  They voluntarily shared their personal concerns and their good names to affirm that Britain is literally getting away with murder by undermining the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) and by damaging the Northern Ireland Protocol (NIP) of the EU-UK Treaty which has secured something for the six counties Britain has long denied –  a measure of prosperity.    

  1. S. opposition to the colonial legacy that has crippled NI for decades has now produced a bi-partisan group of Members of Congress. They have publicly warned Britain their obstruction of N. I. democracy, their corruption of the rule of law and their systemic abuse of human rights and justice will have negative consequences for any prospect of a US-UK trade deal. Most of those at the initial formation of the ABC will recall that was a point of leverage that all agreed might be used to show America meant business.  President Biden has publicly supported the warnings to Britain and, importantly, another group, the Ad Hoc Committee to Protect the Good Friday Agreement, has formed with representatives from the political, economic, diplomatic and business world and has organized opinion in support of the GFA and EU principles.

At this time, the singular purpose for which the ABC was created has been achieved.  Americans are ‘woke’ to British treachery and its public and private leadership are promising to do something about it.   A final briefing will be held in NYC on a late weekend this November and all will be notified and invited.  

*Dearie’s leadership involved most of those gathered.  He inspired and enriched every part of America’s response to British misrule.  This included his demand for a Presidential Forum, the adoption of the MacBride Fair Employment Principles, a visa for Gerry Adams, the banning of the use of plastic bullets in NI, a Great Hunger curriculum option for schools in NYS and dozens of  NYS Legislature Resolutions promoted by the NYS Irish-American Legislators Society that educated those far beyond the NYS as a call for action especially  in extradition and deportation battles for  victims of British cruelty…Pat Finucane and Rosemary Nelson, the 1981 Hunger Strikers, Joe Doherty, Malachy McAlister etc. 

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