American Brexit Committee Letter to Members of U.S. Congress

American Brexit Committee Letter to Members of U.S. Congress, December 13, 2021

TO:  Members of Congress  

FROM:  John M. Corcoran Esq., Chairman

RE:  British Trade Threats and Cover-up of Conflict Criminality

Britain is accustomed to economic bullying and political manipulation of its neighbor Ireland

but America?  The folly of Brexit is driving Prime Minister Johnson’s government to issue ill-advised trade threats to the U. S. and to ignore America’s bi-partisan support for the peace and progress of the Good Friday Agreement (GFA). 

  1. Trade Threat—-Two British Ministers, Ann-Marie Trevelyan and Penny Mourdant, are prowling America seeking the removal of Trump imposed   steel tariffs and issuing threats of British tariff retaliation if the U. S. does not do so.  The simple fact is that it makes no sense for the U. S. to take such action until a new EU-US trade pact is negotiated. Upon taking office, President Trump rejected a negotiated EU-US trade pact.  His justification for doing so was his animus to multi-nation trade deals. Britain is desperate to stave off yet another calamity of Brexit but cleaning up after Trump trade chaos will take time and the arrogance of British threats does little to rush the process. 
  2. Proposed Amnesty –Prime Minister Johnson has proposed an amnesty program which

will end the investigation and /or prosecution of nearly 1000 Northern Ireland killings prior to 1998.  Many of those killings were never or barely investigated for two reasons: (1) there is a clear pattern of victims being unarmed civilians who were targeted for being supporters, friends, family, and/or neighbors of Sinn Fein political office holders and workers; and (2) evidence is mounting of lawless Army and police collaboration with loyalist assassins and bombers.   The proposed measure offends the very concepts of the rule of law and democracy and is opposed by all in NI.

We support a new free trade deal with Britain but not a Brexit bailout.  An EU trade deal is far more important for US and should take priority.  We oppose the amnesty proposal.  It is not an act of compassion but a treacherous cover-up of criminality absolving the British government of its liability for lawlessness.  If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 215-280-3711 or 267-766-5028. 

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