America & Brexit: The Big Picture

America & Brexit: The Big Picture
By Michael Cummings

Britain’s current Brexit crisis has its roots in the 1920 imposition of a partition wall around  six counties in Ireland.  Back then the Conservative government knew that governing and controlling that territory would require many of the policies and tactics used elsewhere in their colonial Empire often with terrible consequences.  When the Ministry of Defense became the beating heart of Northern Ireland, Britain generously subsidized one-party rule, industrial scale anti-Catholic discrimination and a  ethos of garrison rule.  The U. S.-U. K. special relationship rocked!     

In the seventies, the British Army and police transformed the  conflict with internment (1971), Bloody Sunday (1972), juryless Diplock courts (1973) and the senseless slaughter of the no-warning- bombing of Dublin & Monaghan shopping centers (1974).   The Ministry of Defense got what it wanted. A thirty-year war ensued.    Most observers saw the 1998 Belfast or Good Friday Agreement (GFA)  as  a singular peacemaking achievement.  Britain’s Conservatives saw only meddling in their sovereignty and royal prerogatives. 
The American and EU involvement in the peace process did not stop the Conservatives from regrouping.  In 2000 Brexiteer Michael Gove authored the Price of Peace, a policy document complete with gratuitous biblical references deriding the GFA.   A   Conservative think-tank, the Policy Exchange, produced the document aimed at fanning the flames of division and religious discord.  Recently, the Orange Order’s Grand Master Edward Stephenson pronounced that battle cry claiming “we are a Protestant fraternity committed to the principles of the Protestant Reformation and the Glorious Revolution.”  Message received!!    

Britain’s leaving the EU has puzzled many analysts.  There is little data to support Brexit   as promoting growth or prosperity. However, as a distraction from Britain’s lawlessness in N. I. leaving the EU is not so puzzling.   The British have tried to put the brakes on all GFA pacts especially the Stormont House Agreement and are now seeking to unilaterally nullify the N. I. Protocol and to break free of international human rights obligations.   The risks for this tactic are many.   Nothing less than a ‘State sponsor of terrorism” label and the break-up of the United Kingdom is at stake!!    Such a sophisticated ruse required putting some distance between government and the ‘useful idiot’ who would lead the charge out of the EU, Nigel Farage.  As Fintan O’Toole noted in a review of One Party After Another, Farage had all the qualities for the job being a loud mouth louse of a husband, a narcissist  and accustomed to parsing the truth.   He was straight out of MI-5’s central casting.     

 Northern Ireland’s vote to remain in the EU in 2016 and the 2022 Sinn Fein Assembly election victory prompted Foreign Secretary Liz Truss   to push an  “amnesty” bill in Parliament  no one in Ireland or NI wants.  The stage is set.  It’s showtime for evil to show its face.  Some have speculated that ‘Monarchy Ltd,’ aka The Firm, sought the bill to prevent the blemish of murdering security forces on Her Majesty’s 70-year reign.  But money not truth or justice necessitates that Britain be indemnified from any liability for the human carnage.    

 With the laws adoption, those really responsible for the Dublin/Monaghan bombing, Miami Showband, Ballymurphy, and McGurk massacres, the 250 civilian killings by Covert Human Intelligence Service (CHIS) personnel (double agent murders), those behind the assassinations of lawyers Rosemary Nelson and Pat Finucane, and the killings of as many as 800 civilians that the police never bothered to investigate or the Attorney General never bothered to prosecute…. SHAZAAM…  all go away!   Americans must remember those responsible for this despicable scheme claim to be “special” in protecting the rule of law and promoting justice!! 

Michael J. Cummings, Secretary 
201 W Evergreen Ave 
Chestnut Hill, PA 19118 
267-766-5028, [email protected] 

*Michael J. Cummings, a native of Springfield, Mass. is a graduate of St. Anselm’s College (B. A., 1968) and  New York University (M. P. A., 1970) . He established the American Brexit Committee in 2016 and served as Secretary from 2016-2021.   He is a former member of the National Boards of the Irish American Unity Conference (1996-2013), the Ancient Order of Hibernians (2001-2008), and the Irish Northern Aid Committee (1988-1996). He also served as Chairman of the Capital District Irish National Caucus (1979-1982).   He worked for the State of New York for 36 years in various capacities including as Assistant Deputy State Comptroller and Director of the Justice Court Fund.  He served on the Peace and Justice Commission of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany.  

 Cummings has appeared on American, English and Irish television and radio and his commentary and letters have  appeared in major American, Irish-American, and Catholic print media. He is married 49 years to Nuala Hogan, a nurse and native of Ireland. They have five children and 7 grandchildren.   

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