Editor’s Corner: All at Once, Summer Collapsed into Fall

Editor’s Corner: All at Once, Summer Collapsed into Fall
By John O’Brien, Jr. @Jobjr

I think we are on a roll! After fourteen years of never missing an issue (we missed five, in a row during COVID), it was so good to print the September issue.  We did publish the online edition during those five months, but it is definitely not the same as seeing the paper out and about Ohio as I travel the area.

I hope you caught the recent podcast.  Podcast12: 9/11 on the 19th Anniversary of 9/11 was one of my favorites to date.  Retired sheriff Bob Reid joined us as we looked back on where we were on 9/11, and where we are today.

The podcasts are every two weeks, alternating with our 2x a month eBulletin, and are free. Subscribe on iTunes or to get the newest episode link emailed to you every other week.

And now, here we are with the October issue, printed, interactive and on the website too. As always, Social Media, the podcast, the eBulletin and the website will feature the current issue, as well as more and LARGER print text, more pictures and other stories that arrived to late to make the print edition.

A Lifetime of Serving Others
Our cover features The Mighty Sweeney Clan, a legacy of public service four generations deep, from today’s State Senator Bride Sweeney, turning heads and drilling down to the things that really matter to her constituents, and then getting them done; to her father, former Cleveland City Councilman and State Senator Martin Sweeney; Marty’s sister, Fairview Park Councilwoman Maureen Sweeney; their  father, retired Judge Gerald Sweeney, and Gerry’s father, a State Representative in West Park, when the State Representative went by county. See the Inner View, on Page 10 & 11.

Pro Football is back and has really done a remarkable job in having no COVID infections. Their remarkable plan, and action, shows what can be done, with planning and collaboration.

The rest of America, and the world, are not so fortunate.  200,000 of our countrymen are dead.  Almost 1 MILLION have died worldwide at this writing. We mourn them; we pray for no resurgence, and the end of the scourge that is COVID-19.

I believe in God, the father Almighty, creator of Heaven and earth… is the beginning of a catholic prayer called The Apostle’s Creed.  We are all apostles of one level or another, one sort or another. I believe in you. Whether you believe similarly or not, I wish you good health. We are All brothers and sisters – this land is your land; this land is my land. The only race that matters in life or death, is the human race, with no divisions. And yes, perhaps the race to find a vaccine that works, to save us all.

Nuair a stadann an ceol, stadann an rince
(When the music stops, so does the dance)


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