Madigan Muses: Our Changing World

Madigan Muses: Our Changing World
by Marilyn Madigan

The Year of the Nurse
I was looking forward to writing this May column. The World Health Organization had designated 2020 as the Year of the Nurse. The first week of May is always celebrated as Nurse’s week. I was looking forward to special celebrations as the Year of the Nurse would also be recognized.
Never did I expect that members of the nursing profession would be on the front lines of a deadly pandemic. I was proud to be a nurse, but now I admire all in the profession in a special way.

Many are working out of their specialties, which is stressful, but now they are also placing their lives at risk. Nurses are not only at the bedside providing care but are now surrogate family to their patients during this frightening experience. Nurses are not alone and our surrounded by wonderful teams of doctors, respiratory therapist, technicians and aids. Everyone working in a hospital setting are unsung heroes.

Fallen Police Officers
May is also the month in which we honor Fallen Police Officers. These commemorations have been cancelled this year. Our Police, Fire and EMTs are also on the front lines of this pandemic. They have been on the frontlines of many of our National tragedies. They truly are the Finest and the Bravest of Americans.

We also celebrate Memorial Day in May. This year there probably will not be our usual remembrance. There will be many Memorials to come. Many of us have lost friends or family members to illnesses and this virus. We were not able to come together and mourn with their family members. Another unsung hero is our Funeral Directors dealing with families during this challenging time.

I am very proud to be living in Ohio. Our Ohio leadership took a stand early in fighting this pandemic. We may not have been happy when our St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations were canceled; this was the correct thing to do. I believe that St. Patrick was looking out for us.

We have seen how large gatherings help spread this virus. We have helped slow the spread. We have listened to our Governor De Wine, Lt Gov. Husted and Dr. Acton. They present the facts honestly and involve us in joining the fight. They recognize those in the community that are also frontlines, such as those working in our grocery stores. Stay Home Save Lives; let’s flatten that curve and help each other.

In May, we also honor our mothers and our Heavenly Mother, Mary. Our Blessed Mother is helping us in this challenging time. Although our Churches are closed, we can still pray the Rosary and participate in the Mass.

Our Priest need our prayers as their ministry now has many challenges. They cannot physically be with us or those dying to administer the sacraments. We are experiencing a similar experience to our ancestors did during the Penal Times. Our ancestors were not allowed to celebrate the Mass and found a way to celebrate at Mass Rocks.

We are blessed that although we cannot come together as a community in our Churches, Masses are celebrated on TV, Facebook, Zoom etc. I know we all look forward to celebrating again with our Parish Families.

My faith, family and friends are helping me during this challenging time. I look forward to seeing my family and friends

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