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Don’t Wait to Bring in New Customers

Dear Friends of iIrish,
Don’t wait to bring in new customers, advertise now, with this special rate – advertise August through December (five months) at the six-time frequency discounted rate.
Offer ends July 17th.
Use code: Savana
We are Different. iIrish offers advertisers multi-platform access to our audiences of every age in an engaging way, and offers readers access to entertainment, products, business and educational opportunities, and experiences, in the format that they have requested. We preserve, present, and promote our rich Irish heritage; we provide access, understanding, artists and so much more to both our advertising partners, and our readers. We are preserving your presence, your story, and your impact, for the ages to come.
We would love to share with you more about our unique reach and loyal community and have you see the power of advertising with us. 
Our reach is extensive, with 15,000 printed copies, 15,500+ opted-in eBulletin subscribers, and 68,000 monthly engagements on our web site and social media platforms. All issues are also interactive and available on our website.
We have also added a front and a back cover sticker, which has proven popular to candidates, and for special events, like concerts and festivals, and receives the same frequency discounts that the other our iIrish platforms offer.
If we have not spoken with you in person or on the phone, let us know how to best contact you to share options, rates, and creative ways to accelerate the growth of your business through partnering with iIrish! Of course there is no obligation, just a chance to know options for increasing your reach and return on your investment. No matter your budget, we will work for you, to meet your goals, to get the best results possible, for as long as you choose to partner with iIrish.
We wish you a Happy 4th of July weekend,
John O’Brien, Jr.
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